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 Track, trace and verify product authenticity

For the first time in history every consumer product can get the highest level of anti-counterfeit protection designed for Pharmaceutical products by US Govt. and FDA. Such a level of protection can be achieved by assigning Individual UPITag's to products for their life and tracing/tracking the product movement through the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. The machine/human readable portion of the UPITag may also be read/scanned/processed by the purchasing consumer to authenticate the location of purchase of the product using an internet application, smartphone app or regular SMS or voice call even before purchase of the product. Required ePedigree data is maintained in the in line with the DQSA and DSCSA mandates to optionally generate TI, TH and TS as explained below for any product. Such a level of protection as designed fo pharmaceutical devices is being made available for all products needing anti-counterfeit protection for the first time through

On November 27, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA) dubbed H.R 3204 into law, bringing a successful conclusion to efforts by the industry and consumer groups to create a national pharmaceutical serialization; track and trace regulation in an effort to stop counterfeit drugs and medical products from entering the system and physically harming the consumers consuming the products. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which is Title II of the DQSA , is the most complex pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit law ever enacted.

The Food and Drug administration worked with industry leaders, International anti-counterfeit groups and consumer advocate groups to come up with rules and guidance of implementing the law phase wise in the USA. While some parts of the law and FDA's rules and guidance of implementation seem complicated and may be challenged in the near future (alas it's the USA), some parts are specifically very easy to be implemented. The Law and guidance mandates all the businesses dealing with Medical/Pharmaceutical products maintain three simple (paper or electronic) documents on the smallest prescribed/dispensable item of the product line and provision of the same in Auto/manual verifiable format to each other or FDA as and when requested for.

Transaction Information (TI) for every business transaction or shipment of the products containing complete identifiable details of the product (shipment) along with date of transaction & shipment along with name and address (or DUNS number) of person/business sending and receiving the shipment.

Transaction History (TH) means a statement in paper or electronic form, including the TI for each prior transaction going back to the manufacturer of the product at any given point of time, point of TH generation ro location of the product. In simple English it means all the transactions that occurred on the product before this point of time or physical location.

Transaction Statement (TS) is basically a statement/oath under perjury from every business in the Pharmaceutical supply chain assuring that they deal with only authorized vendors and customers, they have received a proper TI from their vendor, provided a proper TI to their customer, did not knowingly alter the TI, TH or product in anyway.

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