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 Shipping/pricing priorities

Current warehouse inventory systems have difficulty tracking Products that are close to being expired, which results in Products not being able to sell in advance before their shelf time expires. Once they get noticed the left over shelf time will be near and the expiry will be prohibitively near to be able to sell the product.

Businesses need to be able to make review inventory and make decisions to rotate the products. It becomes important either chose the products with lesser shelf life for sale or to promote these products in order to clear the inventory.

UPITag offers reports and tracks Products that are nearing expiry or having short-dated shelf life, so businesses can make the decision to shipt the the less shelf life remaining Products first, before the more shelf life remaining products or promote them with final discounts. UPITag has the ability to setup reminders for shipping/pricing the Products which have comparitively shorter shelf life. This also helps to make decisions on Production of Products that are sitting on the shelf for a longer period of time. UPITag provides guidelines to the businesses to use a better solution for shipping and pricing to prioritize the sale of the appropriate Products.