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 Randomization and verification

For the first time in history every consumer product can get unmatched economical anti-counterfeit protection. Such economical protection can be achieved by assigning a Non-sequential Alpha Numeric string (NURANS) as serial number to the product included on a label along with a royalty free QR (2D) barcode to products for their life and providing a way for verification of the product at no cost to the consumer.

The exposed NURANS may also be read/scanned/processed by the purchasing consumer to authenticate the product using an internet application, smartphone app or regular SMS or voice call. On verification, the product details like name of the product, serial number of the product, batch/lot number of the product are returned to the verifying customer.

The NURANS is unique and random and thus cannot be regenerated by the counterfeiters. The NURANS of one product cannot be used on different product because product details are also returned with the response. Unlike other anti-counterfeit systems where just the randomized number is confirmed, the actual product is confirmed in the NURANS system increasing the anti-counterfeiting process effectiveness.

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