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 Product tracking

Product tracking is the process of tracing the origins of the Product and tracking its physical location at different stages of supply chain from manufacture to consumption.

Product tracking provides current Product status, details of shipping and confirmation of receipt. It allows monitoring Product Consumption to ensure appropriate Production and demand forecast of the consumption. It provides the ability to report the arrival or departure of the Product at different locations their time and status. In case of a complaint regarding a Product, the manufacturer can quickly and cost-effectively track/trace the product to take appropriate action using the Product Tracking data.

UPITag allows businesses and consumers to track and trace a Product's authenticity and genuineness. It minimizes the introduction of counterfeits into the supply chain as counterfeits do not have product tracking data from origin to consumption.

For Pharmaceutical industry UPITag provides Product Tracking by providing verifiable Transaction Information, Transaction History and Transaction statements compliant to the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act.