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 Partnership and Franchise oppurtunities.

Want a piece of the 1.5 trillion dollar anti-counterfeiting industry? UPITag is looking for talented marketing professionals to join its network and cater to the customers in their area. UPITag offers exciting franchise opportunities that provide full/part time marketing professionals with earning potential and a growing business opportunity in the anti-counterfeiting services industry.

Most governments have already mandated or are in the process of mandating track and trace for medical devices, products and services. Most country Tax and Revenue authorities are using some kind of anti-counterfeiting service to secure their Tax Stamps and tax revenues. Most sports organizations are facing issues with counterfeits in the tickets they sell. Most businesses are facing problems with supply chain and inventory management.

Potential Franchisee's Profile: For us, our franchisees are our valued and trusted partners who spend their time and funds to develop and market the UPITag brand name of anti-counterfeiting products. UPITag network is seeking associates who have the same desire for success. All we ask of you is to either be marketing professional yourself or a manager who can locate and hire couple of marketing guys to invest time in our network an sell our solutions to the businesses in your area.

Keys to Success: The guarantee that accompanies the UPITag brand name and the potential of the anti-counterfeiting market build the best prerequisites for a successful and effective business investment. UPITag anti-counterfeiting technologies, based on its patent pending methodologies and strong background developed after 24 years of progress in the software and supply chain management, with mastery of network organization as well as a proven and tested operation system, is further expanding its activities by offering potential investors/marketing personal the opportunity to get incorporated in a powerful upcoming business. At times of stiff competition, anti-counterfeiting business works as a protective shield because organizations want to stop counterfeits and counterfeiting increases. Our franchisees lead the way and are significantly differentiated from their competitors because of our support, training and technical strategies.

Interested in joining our team of franchise partners? Contact us or send us an email mail (@) upitag (dot) com or call us at the numbers listed. Please send your curriculum-vitae and or marketting plans so we can understand your capabilities and respond correspondingly.