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What is UPITag?

UPITag is a machine readable tag device developed using a patent pending technology. The tag is then attached to the product or incorporated into the product or its packaging.
UPITag is the first system of its kind offering brand owners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers an effective way to track, trace their product as it moves through the supply chain and deter counterfeits and/or unauthorised distribution.

Is UPITag the same as a QR code? employs QR code technologies among other different technologies to read the information of the UPITag and look up based on the system.
QR codes can only be used to read stuff off the label but they cannot identify the history of the product in supply chain and its genuineness..

Can UPITag be duplicated?

In the current world of counterfeit currency everything can be duplicated or reproduced. UPITag can certainly be duplicated but the underlying data cannot be duplicated and the counterfeiters will not be able to use the duplicate tag to sell the product as genuine.