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 ePedigree reporting

Pedigree is a statement of transaction history of a product that identifies each prior sale/return, purchase, or trade of a product/drug, including the date of those transactions and the names and addresses of all parties to them. An electronic form of document meeting the requirements of the above definition is referred to as ePedigree(also referred to an electronic pedigree or e-Pedigree). Though Pedigree and ePedigree is generally used with Drug or pharma related products, they have been frequently been used recently to refer to non pharma products.

Keeping track of all the transactions on a product from its manufacture to consumption enables identifying counterfeits in the supply chain. Having a statement of each transaction enables understanding and identifying responsible parties in each transaction and identification of inconsistencies in any transaction.

As per recent FDA mandates based on the US DSCSA three pieces of information need to be maintained for ePedigree of any pharmaceutical unit. Transaction Information (TI), Transaction Statement (TS) and Transaction History (TH). UPITag provides all the above information for any product being tracked for by UPITag.